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Low and High-Impact Training in Houston, TX

What is the difference between low and high-impact training? Which one is right for you? Read on to clear up some of the confusion between the terms.

Training - Low Impact Houston, TX

Houston Low-Impact Training
Low-impact training includes exercises that place less stress on your body. Walking, swimming, and yoga are classified as low-impact training.

This type of exercise is ideal for beginners, older adults, and those looking to minimize excessive force on their joints, knees, and ankles. Most beginners stick with low-impact aerobic movements until they feel comfortable enough to add additional intensity to their movements.

A low-impact workout is also a great alternative to those already participating in high-impact training in Houston. Those involved in a high-impact exercise regimen often rotate their workouts with low-impact movements, such as yoga. Yoga and stretching exercises are great for those looking to bolster their flexibility and strength.

Houston High-Impact Training
High-impact workouts occur when both feet leave the ground at the same time. Running, plyometrics, and jumping exercises are examples of high-impact exercises. These types of exercises are for people that have already developed a level of fitness and are looking for more intensity in their workout.

Both low and high-impact exercises provide calorie burning benefits, which are important to maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your heart healthy. Exercising also helps elevate your mood and helps reverse the effects of stress. Even mild exercise can help in keeping your brain fit and active, and can help ward off the effects of depression.

Talk to our experts in personal training in Houston to determine the right exercise regimen for you. Many people incorporate a variety of both low and high-impact exercises, and our instructors provide low-impact alternatives to high-impact movements.

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